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The Administration Directorate is charged with the management and oversight of administration functions, command and staff support, and general office management.

Administrative Directorate Duties And Responsibilities

Implements, manages and directs administrative services activities. 

  • Implement administrative policies and procedures.

  • Provide format and content editing and proofreading services.

  • Prepare and authenticate administrative authorizations.

  • Prepare supplements, operating instructions, and forms.

  • Maintain organizational filing systems.

  • Perform related duties as assigned by the commander.

The administrative officer should be familiar primarily with CAP directives in the 1 and 10 series, and CAPP 205

  • CAPR 1-2, Publications and Forms Management

  • CAPP 1-2, The CAP Guide to Effective Communication

  • CAPR 10-2, Files Maintenance and Records Disposition

  • CAPR 10-3, Administrative Authorizations

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