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CAP has a vital interest in the moral and spiritual welfare of its members. The CAP chaplaincy is an organization of clergy who are appointed and endorsed as CAP chaplains. They represent their various denominations and support the pluralistic ministry of the CAP Chaplain Corps.

Vision Statement:

That the Chaplains of the Florida Wing will be representatives of the Holy in all missions of the Florida Wing and Civil Air Patrol. And, if authorized, will do the same for the United States Air Force, the Florida National Guard/Reserve Units and civilian entities as part of the CAP mission. That the Florida Wing CDI’s will be proficient in assisting the chaplains in teaching the Character Development Classes and in any emergency services missions in which they are qualified to participate with the chaplains.

​Chaplains and CDI’s will be encouraged to pursue all training avenues to achieve and maintain Mission Chaplain and Emergency Services training ratings in order to extend the provision of chaplain services in emergency situations. The Chaplains and CDI’s of the Florida Wing will aggressively progress through their Professional Development areas.

Mission Statement:

The Chaplains of Florida Wing will:

  • Provide spiritual and moral counsel to their commanders, senior members and cadets

  • Provide moral guidance through the Character Development program and as personally requested by any members

  • Provide/coordinate opportunities for CAP members for the worship services of their preference when on field actual/training missions

  • Provide spiritual and moral support for victims and their families during emergency service missions

  • As authorized, provide the same for U.S. military personnel

The Character Development Instructors of Florida Wing will:

  • Assist the chaplains in providing the CD classes in the units

  • Assist the chaplains with coordinating all administrative, supply, communication, transportation and lodging needs as they arise, if they are participating in emergency services missions with the chaplains

Guiding Standards For All Florida Wing Chaplains And CDI’s:

  • They will be committed to maintaining impeccable personal moral standards to mentor excellence in moral leadership

  • They will be professional and approachable in their duty performance

  • Chaplains will be faithful to their individual religious traditions and practices

  • They will be respectful of others who hold spiritual beliefs and religious practices different from themselves

  • They will work together in ministering to others

Goals For Florida Wing/HC:

  • Working with the Group Chaplains and Group Commanders, assure the recruiting, assignment and training of at least one Chaplain and one CDI for each CAP unit

  • Assure 100% of the chaplains and CDI’s are accurately completing the CAPF 34, Statistical Report and the chaplains are completing a securing the CAPF 48, Religious Interview Guide

  • Have the majority of the physically qualified chaplains achieve the Mission Chaplain Rating in Emergency Services

  • Encourage chaplains and CDI’s in increased participation in Emergency Service missions, bivouacs, encampments are other scheduled CAP training

  • Monthly CD classes are presented in each cadet squadron, and as possible, at cadet activities and training sessions

  • Chaplains/CDI’s complete Level V in Proficiency Development and reach Master Level in their respective Specialty Tracks in a more expeditious time frame

  • Assure the Winter and Summer Encampments are provided with chaplain services

Methods Of Goal Accomplishment:

  • Maintain aggressive recruiting in coordination and frequent communication with Group Chaplains and Commanders

  • Online monitoring of the completion of the CAPF 34 and frequent reminders to the chaplains of the need of maintaining the CAPF 48.

  • Provide classes, seminars and emergency services academies for the Mission Chaplain Rating and the new rating for CDI's as Chaplain Support Specialists (CSS)

  • Constant contact with the chaplains and CDI’s regarding their participation in the ES and training missions

  • Monitor consistent presentations and documentation of monthly CD classes

  • Monitor the Proficiency Development Levels and Specialty Track Levels of achievement (provided by National on a quarterly basis) and contact individuals as completed

  • Coordinate chaplain coverage for the Winter and Summer Encampments


  • Assure the chaplains and CDI’s are assigned by National and have the approved CAPF 2a, Request and Approval of Personnel Actions on file

  • Report the semiannual CAPF 34 completion statistics to the Wing Commander

  • Monitor chaplain completion of Mission Chaplain training

  • Require and maintain accurate After Action Reports of chaplain activities after main actual/training events

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