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The Logistics section provides the means to perform the missions of the Civil Air Patrol. The Logistics team is dedicated to ensuring equipment is ready, safe and available; supplies are abundant; real estate is maintained.

Working Goals

  • Continue to provide the necessary equipment and supplies to meet the needs of our missions.

  • Continue to provide rapid turn-around time for equipment repairs

A.     Cadet Uniform Procedures

Curry Blues Voucher for cadet uniform

  • Once a cadet has earned their Curry Achievement the will be forwarded a voucher in the amount of $100.00 that they may use to purchase some of the items for their blue uniform. The total estimated cost of the required blues uniform is $150.00. There for the cadet families is expected to pick-up one third of the cost.

​The items that cadets may purchase from Vanguard to meet the requirements for the blue uniform include:

  • Blues garments. Shirts, trousers, skirts

  • Flight cap

  • Belt and buckle

  • Shoes

  • Necktie or tab (tab is for females)

  • Insignia – Airman Chevrons, flight cap device, blue 3-line nameplate (cadet) and ribbon holder.

The process is:

  • Cadet joins. Parents and/or squadron provide ADUs.

  • Cadet trains and completes the Curry Achievement

  •  Vanguard email the cadet a voucher information

  • Cadet and parent hop for blues at Vanguard (http://www.vanguardmil.com

  • Cadet receives uniform in a few days

B.     Return Of Equipment To FLWG A4

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Need To Maintain Logistics Files?
All units below Wing must maintain accountability of their assigned equipment using the Operational Resource Management System (ORMS).   ORMS is for the most part a paperless process of accounting for all of the Aircraft, Vehicles, Communications Gear, Equipment and Electronics.  

The new regulation, CAPR 174-1 changes the way we will do business now and in the future. All Transfers, Issues, Retirements, Assignments are now done in ORMS.
To obtain reports, please follow the steps below.

  • Go To e-Services

  • Click Link to ORMS

  • Click Reports

  • Select and Click the report you are looking for

  • Click Old S-3

  • Enter Unit

  • Print Report 

It should be noted that in accordance with CAPR 174-1, individuals can be held financially accountable for the loss or damage of CAP Equipment.

​Each year, starting on 1 October and ending on 31 December the entire FLWG will conduct a 100% inventory.  Those individuals who received equipment as an individual issue will be asked to Re-Validate their equipment.  Group CC's and Squadron CC's will be required to conduct an Inventory of all equipment the CC has accepted, but not issued to a member.  

Please contact Lt Col Paul Rowen at: paul.rowen@flwg.cap.gov for specific instructions.

​Should you loose control or damage any CAP property, it must be reported in ORMS within 7 days of the loss/damage.  Please consult Lt Col Paul Rowen for specific instructions.

Where Do I Got To Get And Individual Issue (Temporary Hand Receipt) CAP Form 37?

  • Access e-services

  • Open ORMS

  • Click on equipment

  • Click "PRINT MY FORM 37" or look in the Right hand column on this page

How Do I Transfer Equipment Other Than Radios Installed In Vehicles?

  • FLWG LG Performs Individual Issues Of Equipment From Wing HQ To FLWG Staff

  • FLWG LG Performs Issues To Groups And Squadrons

  • Only FLWG LG can enter new equipment into ORMS

  • Only FLWG LG can retire equipment in ORMS 

  • Group and Squadron CC’s can issue equipment Group staff and squadrons. The Liability Transfers to the Individual when he/she accepts it in ORMS.


  1. Organizational Resource Management System (ORMS) replaced CATS on January 11, 2010. No equipment can be physically relocated without making the proper entries in ORMS.  Consult with the FLWG LG or DLG to obtain assistance with all of your transaction requirements until you feel comfortable with the process.

  2. Any equipment discovered missing must be reported in ORMS by changing the CONDITION code and then click UPDATE.  When you select MISSING, the system will initiate a Report of Survey (ROS) and an Investigating Officer (IC) will automatically be assigned by the FLWG CC.

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