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Florida Wing Open Mic Night

5/23/2023 1318 hrs


Florida Wing

All members of Florida Wing are encouraged to join us on Sunday, June 4th, 2023, for an evening of open dialogue with the Wing command staff to share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. This is not a mandatory event and is open to all seniors, cadets, and parents who may want to attend. This will be our first such event and we are hoping to make this a recurring one.

There is no agenda, but we may discuss any pending topics that are coming up such as new regulations or policies coming down from Headquarters or events such as exercises, training, or cadet activities. This is not a Commander’s Call or staff meeting, and there is no requirement to wear any uniform as cameras will be disabled. We will observe customs and courtesies.

This is a moderated event. All microphones and cameras will be disabled upon joining the webinar; however, all chat options, Q&A, will be available to everyone participating. If you wish to speak with the group, simply raise your hand in the webinar and your microphone will be enabled, or you can post a question in the chat, and we will respond in the order received.

Below is the link for the event. Please share along with everyone in our Wing who may not have received this email.


We look forward to hearing from you!

In addition to the newly announced “Open Mic Nights”, I am also going to start scheduling One-on-One “Open Door” Meetings with the membership.

These meetings are anonymous and known only to me and the requestor. The intent of these types of meetings is to allow our members to schedule an appointment directly with me and discuss any topic they want to bring up. This is not to circumvent the chain of command, or the Inspector General’s complaint process; however, I do understand that some may feel that they are not being heard or do not feel comfortable bringing their situation up via the chain of command. Any reported violation of regulation will be investigated and reported accordingly.

These meetings are not just to discuss adverse matters but also to discuss any ideas, suggestions, or initiatives you want to discuss directly with me.

The meetings will be scheduled via Microsoft Bookings, and they will take place using Microsoft Teams. They can only be scheduled by using your wing-provided email address.

To schedule an Open-Door meeting, click on the link below:


or you can schedule a meeting by visiting the Wing Commander page on the Florida Wing website at https://flwg.cap.gov/aboutus/wing-commander-page

My intent is to provide our members with another line of communication directly to me and the Wing Command Staff so that we may serve you better and continue to improve Florida Wing and CAP.



Col Luis E. Negrón

Florida Wing Commander


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