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Wing Commander

Mission Statement

Volunteers serving our nation, state and communities by saving lives, and shaping futures and raising standards.

Vision Statement

Civil Air Patrol, the auxiliary of America's Air Force, building the nation's finest force of innovative citizen volunteers serving Community, State and Nation.

Core Values

Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence and Respect.

Senior members and cadets of America’s finest wing in Civil Air Patrol, Greetings!

I wanted to take a moment to quickly send to you the above three items: Our Florida Wing Mission and Vision Statements and a Core Values reminder.

Our Mission Statement is a word-for-word copy of our national Mission Statement, as it should be.  From the very top of our organization to its bottom, all should be about the work of carrying out and accomplishing our missions.  For that reason, it is the exact same.

Our Vision Statement has a slight variation from that of National’s in that I want it to reflect what I believe to be one of the greatest strengths of Florida Wing - our professional and innovative members.  I want this to be reflected in our vision which is one of always utilizing what makes us so effective in our approach to mission success.  Whether it is our members responding after a storm or the successful completion of a cadet encampment, it is YOU, the members of Florida Wing that accomplish the mission well and win the day. 

It is you, with your well-trained eye for detail and your conviction to our Core Values that comes up with the many necessary solutions to our needs and challenges. Solving the complex to make it simpler for all of us saves time, money and in some cases lives.  YOU are the greatest asset and strength we have.

As always, we have the 4 Pillars of our Wing and of CAP as a whole and our Core Values.  Above all I want you to always fight to maintain them in everything we do.  The simple yet effective reminder of what it is we all know and believe to be true will assure so much for all of us.

It is in you I place my faith for this wing and for its success as we carry out mission after mission, face the adversity of a storm, conduct the encampment experience for new cadets, continuing leadership opportunities for all cadets, fulfilling training needs of our senior members, and honing our vital skill sets on the ground and in the air. 

I am honored to be the new Florida Wing Commander.  I am already astonished at what it is each of you do and what we have accomplished in our past.  So much more is yet to come.  More challenges, more events, greater impact, increases in capacity and capability, and an increased membership.  Why do I know this? Because I have seen what you are all doing and are capable of.  I hope you’re all ready to rock the region because I know you will.


Col Dave Panzera
Commander, Florida Wing

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