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COVID-19 Information


Squadron Commander, SE, HSO, and Incident Commanders: Must Complete this Education (prior to any Phase 0 or 1 activity).  Click the following for link:  Squadron Temperature Process


Every FLWG Member: Must Complete this Education (prior to any Phase 0 or 1 activity). Click the following for link:  CAP’s CDC Risk Level Required Education


Please click the below link to review symptoms directly before any event (IE, missions, training, conferences, meetings) and do not attend if experiencing any of the following: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html


COVID Specific RM Form 160’s need completed and approved by Group Commander’s, or Incident Commanders prior to any CAP Phase 0-1-2-3 activity, (updated regularly) CAPF 160. The CAP F160 (Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet) is required prior to any activity.  Identifying hazards, assessing, and mitigating risk is critical to FLWG’s successful remobilization and protection of our members.

NEW FLWG Remob Team Email
Please note the new email address for all of your inquiries. Sending an email to this address will go to all members of the Remob Team.


CAP Approved CDC Developed Slides
The following links are approved for unit HSO training of CAP members.

COVID-19 Remobilization FAQs v1.9.pdf


The following link is to be used if you took the CAP’s CDC Risk Level Required Education prior to 20 October 2020 @ 1800

Revisions of CDC Required Education Update


The following page will provide tools and resources to help with those COVID-19 risk decisions.


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