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Cadet Advisory Council


The Florida Wing Cadet Advisory Council provides the Wing Commander and the Cadet Programs Section with insight in program matters from the cadet's perspective. The Council represents the body of cadets from across the State of Florida by communicating between Cadet Advisory Councils at all echelons.

Cadet Advisory Councils Have Three Main Purposes:

1.      To provide an organization where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels;

2.      Aid the commanders in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program;

3.      Make recommendations for improving and running the Cadet Program.

The three cadet leaders of the CAC (the chair, vice-chair, and recorder) are collectively referred to as the Wing CAC. They are tasked with leading and guiding the council to complete the assignments given to them. According to CAPP 52-19, the duties of each position are as follows:

Chair: Presides over meetings; ensures they are run fairly, consistent with any parliamentary procedures that have been adopted. In consultation with senior advisor, helps set overall meeting schedule and agenda. Represents the council before the commander.

Vice-Chair: Acts as chair in the chair’s absence. Supervises and coordinates work among committees. Acts as the recorder in the recorder’s absence.

Recorder: Acts as chair if the vice-chair and chair are absent. Acts as vice-chair in the vice chair’s absence. Takes notes during meetings; publishes and distributes minutes. 

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month from 2000-2130hrs. Click HERE to join the MS Teams conversation.

Do You Have An Idea For Bettering The Cadet Program?

If so, get involved! Bring up your idea to the Wing's Cadet Advisory Council representative. Many of the changes to the cadet program over the years came from cadets just like you who thought of a great idea that no else did, so speak up! If your squadron doesn't have a representative, ask your unit leadership if you can become one.

Contact The Cadet Advisory Council

The FLWG Cadet Advisory Council thrives on the feedback and involvement of the Cadet Community both through their squadron and group representatives and through direct input via technologies such as Facebook and this website. 

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