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Cadet Executive Leadership Program

FLWG Executive Leadership Program (ELP)

Calling all Cadet Captains and above!

On behalf of the Florida Wing Command Team, the FLWG Cadet Programs team is excited to announce a new leadership program called the Executive Leadership Program. The FLWG Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is a program originally proposed by the FLWG CAC designed to give Cadet Officers who have extensive CAP experience the opportunity to serve in higher-level staff positions to develop their leadership skills.

Cadets will be paired with a mentor from their selected directorate and will serve in a support role to learn about the directorate by completing staff assignments. 

Directorates currently participating in the Executive Leadership Program include:

  • Safety

  • Logistics (FLWG/A4)

  • Cadet Programs (FLWG/A5CP)

  • Aerospace Education (FLWG/A5AE)

  • Operations / Emergency Services (FLWG/A3)

  • Public Affairs (FLWG/A6PA)

We hope to include more directorates in the future.

Who can apply? 

The minimum required CAP grade to apply is Cadet Captain (Earhart Award). Cadets must also be current members and in good standing in order to apply.  Cadet Command experience is highly recommended as well. 

You must also be willing to commit to quarterly check-ins and developmental meetings with the FLWG CP team. These meetings will be used for evaluations, as well as time for you to provide feedback on the program. While these formal meetings are quarterly, you can always reach out to your mentor and/or the FLWG CP team at any time. 

How to apply?

  • Cadets will fill out the FLWG ELP application found here: https://forms.office.com/r/tvCggXGcKF

  • Applications will be reviewed by the FLWG Cadet Programs team on a rolling basis (monthly). 

  • The initial screening includes a review of your experience, eServices validation, interviews as needed, and your Commander's approval. 

  • After the initial screening, the FLWG CP team will work with the directorates to find the best fit including forwarding applications as necessary.

If you are accepted: 

  • If you are accepted into the Executive Leadership Program, you will be contacted via email with your assigned directorate and your mentor's information.

  • Cadets will be evaluated and receive constructive feedback on their performance throughout the program.

  • The program is designed to last (ideally) six months to a year in duration. 

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