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FLWG Color Guard Academy

Color Guard Academy

Florida Elks Youth Camp, Umatilla Florida

(August 25-27, 2023)
Academy Director:  Lt Col Danielle DeAngelo



The NEW Color Guard Academy is designed to NOT ONLY assist squadrons training color guard teams for Florida Wing Color Guard Competition, but also to provide squadrons with the opportunity to present the colors at different activities for fund raising or community involvement purposes.

Senior members will receive additional personalized trainings on how to mentor cadets in the color guard teams at squadron public presentations, as well as, preparing them for national level cadet competition. Color guard teams compete to represent the Florida Wing at the Southeast Region (SER) Cadet Competition. The event consists of many areas of competition, from military drill performances, to athletic challenges to academic evaluation.


Basic Course:
Any individual wanting to learn the basic skills of creating a color guard. The focus of this program is to learn marching as a team, rifle operation, flag operation, posting indoors, and posting outdoors.

Advance Course:
Any individual or squadron team wanting to further hone their color guard skills for the competition level. The focus of this course is on the competition events. It is highly recommended that you attend the Basic Course prior to the Advance Course as you must have the basic foundation in order to keep up with this fast-paced course.

Participating members must have extensively read through and have an understanding of CAPP 60-75. Each team must have at least one Senior Member escort, with a maximum of two. No unescorted squadron teams will be permitted unless attending as an individual.


  • Must have completed Achievement One.

  • Must be on the Monthly Membership Listing at the time of the competition.

  • Cadets 18 and over must have completed Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT).

Senior Members

  • Must have completed level one and Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT Basic).

  • Must be on the Monthly Membership Listing at the time of the competition.

Review the Cadet Competition pamphlet located on the National website (be sure that it is the current one dated for October 2021).


Activity Fee & Refund Policy

  • The activity fee is $60.00 for each participant. The fee covers all course expenses including food, lodging, and materials. Payment must be made online through Eventbrite. (teams pay through wing banker transfer) Due to the nature of this activity and all that goes into the planning, we cannot offer refunds after the payment deadline. Any requests for a refund must be done in a timely manner.

  • Please note it could take up to 90 days to receive the refund.



Any squadron (a max of 6 cadets and 2 senior members) may apply to attend the academy. The senior member in charge will be responsible for collecting and submitting all required forms. To apply, the senior in charge will submit an intent through the CGA website form. Once accepted by the Activity Director, the senior in charge will submit the team’s forms and payment.

Prerequisites for Application (all applicants)

All applicants must be current CAP members, in possession of a current CAP identification card, safety current and compliant, in good standing with Civil Air Patrol, and have a membership expiration date of August 31, 2023, or later at time of application. Any members (cadet or senior) age 18 or over must have Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT) completed and posted on their e-services record at time of application submission. Additionally, the following requirements apply as described below for the type of application being submitted:

  1. Basic Student Applicants (seniors and cadets). Cadet attendees must have obtained their first promotion (C/Amn) and have a strong desire to learn about color guard. An individual member must sign up, complete the paperwork, and make the payment themselves. Cadets may attend without a senior member from their squadron also attending. Those individual cadets will be placed with teams that are created and the senior in charge of that team will be responsible for their team members.

  2. Cadet Staff Applicants. Previous 2022 CGA attendees will be chosen prior to the event to assist the instructors. They will be used for help with on-the-spot corrections and demonstrations. Cadets will submit a resume to the Activity Director.

  3. Senior Staff Applicants. There will be senior staff for supervision, administration, and health purposes during the event. They will be chosen prior to the event. Only a desire to assist and be part of the event is required. Seniors will submit experience and desire to assist the Activity Director. Staff will also be tasked with watching over the cadets who registered without a senior member attending from their squadron.

Application Submission

Application to the activity will be made through the online application system. Mailed applications will not be accepted. Scanned copies of the required forms must be uploaded at the time your application is submitted online and must be legible. The type of application being submitted will control what forms and additional documents are required – please ensure you select the correct application type when beginning your application. Incomplete or incorrect applications may slow the registration process or prevent the applicant from being processed entirely.

The following forms are required to be uploaded:

  • CAPF 60-81 (cadets only) OR CAPF 17 (seniors only)

  • CAPF 160 (health history form - all members)

  • CAPF 161 (all members)

  • CAPF 163 (all cadets under age of 18)


Transportation to and from the CGA site is the member’s personal responsibility.

  1. Corporate Vehicles. Senior escorts or staff are allowed to bring a CAP van to the CGA. Fuel costs for travel to and from the event will NOT be reimbursed.

  2. Carpooling. Carpooling may be coordinated by individuals or squadrons; it is highly recommended to coordinate within squadrons in your area. Cadets that drive their P.O.V. to the activity shall turn in their keys upon arrival during in-processing.


Florida Elks Youth Camp
24175 SE Highway 450
Umatilla, FL  32784

Cabins/sleeping facilities will be assigned during registration. A detailed map will be provided at check-in.


  • All staff will arrive by 1500 hrs. on Friday, August 25, 2023.

  • Students and senior escorts will arrive between 1600-2200 hrs. PLEASE EAT BEFORE ARRIVAL.

  • On Sunday, August 27, 2023, the teams will progress through a practical to show off the skills they have acquired during training. There will be a graduation ceremony with certificates handed out just prior to dismissal.


Students will arrive in black shorts and desert tan shirts on Friday evening. Staff will arrive in black shorts and desert tan shirts. The uniform for instruction on Saturday for all students will be black shorts and a desert tan shirt. All cadet staff will wear the ABUs (active/retired military personnel wear the appropriate uniform combination for their branch) and Senior Members may wear the CAP polo uniform with gray slacks (please make sure you are not in leggings or any other inappropriate pants).

On Sunday, students and cadet staff will be required to wear their short-sleeve blue uniform with open collar and white shoulder cord. Short stacking is okay with ribbons. The goal is to simulate a competition uniform with all appropriate color guard equipment (such as white shoulder cord, white gloves, pistol belts, flag slings, etc.).

Senior members may wear CAP polo uniform with gray slacks.


Teams should bring all required equipment to perform a competition as stated in the competition guidelines including CAPP 52-4, CAPM 52-4, and CAPR 900-2. Teams will need to bring their own equipment:

  • Inoperable Parade Rifles

  • Flags on Guidon Poles

  • Flag Stands

  • Flag Harnesses

  • Pistol Belts

  • White Parade Gloves

  • Standard Size Outdoor Flag (for outdoor posting)


  • Teams will be judged in accordance with National Cadet Competition Curriculum Guide Pamphlet 52-4, dated February 2015.

  • For Indoor and Outdoor Practical Drill Event Reporting Procedures we will be using the National Cadet Competition Manual 52-4, dated 2 June 2009.


1 AUG 2023 – Student payments due


Direct all questions or comments to the activity director, Lt Col Danielle DeAngelo, at danielle.deangelo@flwg.cap.gov

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