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Color Guard Academy Student Registration

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FLWG Color Guard Form Upload

See below for tips on how to fill-out this form:

  1. Do NOT start this form until you have all available hard copy forms completed, signed, and scanned. These forms include the CAPF 60-81, CAPF 160, CAPF 161, and CAPF 163. (This means do not submit the form without a signed CAPF 60-81 from your commander.)

    • All forms will need to have a physical copy brought to encampment  and will be turned in at check-in

    • All paper forms shall be in PDF format.

    • All forms that are multipage (e.g. double sided, etc) shall be combined into a single PDF per form. This can be accomplished with Adobe Acrobat, Apple Preview, or websites such as PDF Merge. Forms NOT submitted this way will NOT be accepted.

  2. Please be sure to have all information about you or your cadet available, some of this information includes CAPID, Squadron Identification, Emergency Contacts, etc.

  3. This registration, and the confirmation at the end/e-mailed, serves as you or your cadet's "acceptance" into the Encampment. Completion of this form indicates that you or your cadet will be attending the Encampment, please contact us if you or your cadet is no longer able to attend once this form is submitted.

  4. Questions can be submitted to cpforms@flwgcap.us. Please include as much information as possible in your email submission.

Thank you,

FLWG Cadet Programs Team

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