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Florida Leadership Academy

Learn what it takes to be a successful staff member
at the next FLWG Encampment! 

Florida Elks Youth Camp

Umatilla, Florida

September 22-24 2023

Activity Director:  TBD

Activity Cadet Commander:  TBD



Details for the Fall Florida Leadership Academy will follow in the coming months.




How to Receive FLA shoulder cord:

Col. Negron, the Florida Wing Commander, has authorized a cord that may be worn by graduates of FLA.  This is covered by a supplement to 39-1 posted on the NHQ website.  It reads:

Cadets who complete and graduate from all three Florida Leadership Academies (NCO, SNCO, and CCC) are authorized to wear a black and gold cord (where gold is the center color and black is the edge color) on class A or B blues. Cadets who have earned the FLA cord my also earn a gold aiguillette by returning to FLA as an instructor at any academy. Only one aiguillette may be worn regardless of how many times the cadet returns to instruct. This cord may only be worn within the Florida Wing but may be worn at any wing, group, or squadron function/event where the blues uniform is required. This cord may be worn perpetually by the cadet until they leave CAP or become a senior member. The FLWG will not be providing the cord, members or squadrons will need to procure them.

To receive authorization to wear the cord a cadet must submit scanned copies of their graduation certificates for all three academies to cpforms@flwgcap.us .  To wear the aiguillette the cadet must submit a scanned copy of their authorization to wear the cord and copy of their staff certificate to cpforms@flwgcap.us .



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