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Cadet Competition



Activity Director: Lt Col Danielle DeAngelo
Email: danielle.deangelo@flwg.cap.gov 



  1. OVERVIEW.Florida Wing (FLWG) will conduct a virtual cadet competition to provide 2 selected teams for the region and national competitions.

  2. MISSION. The mission of the Florida Wing Cadet Competition is to provide a well-rounded experience where cadets of all grades and experience can showcase their skills. They will be evaluated through closed-book testing, physical fitness, element drill, uniform inspection, uniform preparation, standard drill, outdoor posting, and indoor posting.

  3. EXECUTION. All potential teams and their escorts must register through the link provided by Wing HQ by March 26, 2022 NLT 11:59pm. All team submissions must be collected by April 15, 2022 NLT 11:59pm to be counted for review. Teams will be reviewed by military personnel previously secured by the Activity Director. Final team selections will be announced on April 29, 2022 through e-mail and Wing announcements on social media. Selected teams will be confirmed and submitted to the Southeast Region Director for their competition happening in May/June 2022 (potentially virtually).

  1. SAFETY. All teams and their escorts must have completed Introduction to CAP Safety and have it reflected on their current e-services record. COVID-19 restrictions are obsolete for this event as it is being conducted virtually.

  1. STAFFING.  The Activity Director will be Lt Col Danielle DeAngelo (Danielle.deangelo@flwg.cap.gov). The Activity Director has selected military personnel to be judges as they are not CAP members and have a great wealth of knowledge in the field of color guard. 

  1.  APPLICATION PROCEDURES.  Any squadron (a max of 6 cadets and 2 senior members) may register a team. The senior member in charge will be responsible for collecting and submitting all required forms, photos, and videos. To apply, the senior in charge will submit an intent through the Cadet Competition website form. Once accepted by the Activity Director, she will contact the senior in charge to provide additional details.Sec

  • Prerequisites for Application (all applicants).  All applicants must be current CAP members, in possession of a current CAP identification card, safety current and compliant, in good standing with Civil Air Patrol, and have a membership expiration date of April 30, 2022, or later at time of application.  Any members (cadet or senior) age 18 or over must have Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT) completed and posted on their e-services record at time of application submission.  Additionally, the following requirements apply as described below for the type of application being submitted:  


Team Applicants.  Color Guard members must have obtained their first promotion (C/Amn) and have a strong desire to learn about color guard. Senior escorts must be at least 21 years of age and an active senior member in CAP. A team must consist of at least 6 color guard members and 2 senior escorts. A team can be composed of color guard members from up to a maximum of 2 squadrons if there is not enough interest within their own squadron.


  1. Application Submission.  Application to the activity will be made through the online application system.  Mailed applications will not be accepted.  Scanned copies of the required forms must be uploaded at the time your application is submitted online and must be legible.  The type of application being submitted will control what forms and additional documents are required – please ensure you select the correct application type when beginning your application.  Incomplete or incorrect applications may slow the registration process or prevent the applicant from being processed entirely.


The judging will be on the following events following the CAPP 60-75 October 2021 version:

Indoor posting:

Video angles must be from the direct front, back, and side showing full body and any equipment being used

Commands called must be fully recognizable and understandable on the video

Scenario will be an auditorium posting on a stage with center aisle only for audience (cannot go down the outside of the crowd either way). There will be a podium used for a speaker and Major General Edward D. Phelka will be in attendance so his flag must be present (In the video, prior to the start of the event, the team commander must announce what flag will be used to signify this particular flag and be stationed as appropriate - i.e. We will be using the squadron guidon as Maj Gen Phelka's (state the correct name of the flag here) flag.

Outdoor posting:

Video angles must be from the direct front, back, and side showing full body and any equipment being used (including the flag ascending and descending the pole to show correctness)

Commands called must be fully recognizable and understandable on the video

Scenario will be a direct posting centered on the pole about 12 paces away

The correct size flag must be used for the pole size

The correct music must be played and recognizable on the videos

Color Guard Standard Drill (flags and rifles):

Video angles must be from the direct front, back, and side showing full body and any equipment being used

Commands called must be fully recognizable and understandable on the video

Must use commands located in CAPP 60-75 and be completed with the correct sizing required for the event (such as a basketball court or paved area with cones clearly showing each corner point) – please do not do this event on grass!

Color Guard Element Drill (all team members without equipment):

Video angles must be from the direct front, back, and side showing full body

Commands called must be fully recognizable and understandable on the video

Must use commands provided by the Director

Only the senior escort will receive the list of commands and must not provide it to the team prior to the start of the event recording

Written Exam:

Provided to each team senior escort that registers

Proctored and administered by the senior escort

No one except the proctor may have access to the written exam and information will not be shared on its content

Number INCORRECT will be emailed for each team member to the Director

Uniform Inspection (individual):

Each cadet must fully prepare their own uniform without help from someone else

Each team member will be photographed with the uniform on

Pictures must include a ruler showing placement of rank and ribbons, length of pants according to CAPM 39-1, shoes, flight cap insignia, etc

Pictures must include a full front photo with flight cap on, full backside photo with flight cap, side view for each side, close up of any pictures requiring measurements

Uniform Inspection (prep):

Randomly choose 2 cadets' names out of a hat to prepare a full uniform for inspection (not to be worn)

Provide 30 minutes to complete this task

Take same photos as indicated for the individual section

Physical Fitness:

Have each member complete the CPFT in accordance with CAP regulations

All events must be completed including the mile run (no pacer option) which should be completed on a valid 1 mile course such as a track

Video must be taken of the sit and reach, sit ups, and push-ups to show proper placement and counting

If a cadet is in a restricted category, the appropriate documentation is required


All submissions must be submitted together as a final package.

We will not do any optional events as those change based on who is running the competition at each level.


  1. Activity Fee & Refund Policy.  There will be no activity fee, therefore, no refund policy. If a team needs to retract their registration or make any changes to their roster, these changes must be done prior to submissions of testing, PT scores, pictures, and videos.    

     d. Suspense Dates / Deadlines.

26 MAR 2022 – Team and escort registration ends

15 APR 2022 – Final team submissions (i.e., pictures, videos, etc.)

29 APR 2022 – Team selection announcement


  1. CONDUCT. During the event, everyone is expected to perform as a professional and perform in such a way as to bring credit to oneself and the Civil Air Patrol. The Cadet Protection Policy will be strictly enforced by senior members. The appearance of impropriety is justification for dismissal by the Director. Any member disrupting the activity will be counseled and may be dismissed by the Director. Members dismissed from the activity will not be allowed to participate in this year’s succession of events at Wing, Region, and National.

  1. UNIFORM.  Team members must present themselves in the proper color guard equipment for each event according to the National Cadet Competition Manual dated October 2021. The UOD for submissions is short-sleeve blue uniform, open collar, short stacked or full ribbons (all members must be the same), and appropriate color guard accessories for each event. Testing and PT events can be done in clothing of preference as long as in good taste.

  1. PREPARATION. All participants will need a good camera and video camcorder to complete submissions for events. Cadets must also have the proper uniform and equipment for each event.

  1. TRANSPORTATION. Transportation will not be needed due to the virtual nature of the event.

  1. PRE-COURSE REQUIREMENTS.  Review the Cadet Competition pamphlet located on the National website (be sure that it is the current one dated for October 2021).    


  1. EQUIPMENT. It is recommended that each team use their own color guard equipment (4 white pistol belts, 2 white flag slings, 6 pairs of white gloves, 2 inoperable rifles, the US Flag on guidon staff, the Squadron Flag on guidon staff, and a regulation size outdoor flag for posting and flag folding).

  1. VISITATION. Please refrain from having spectators while filming your team to avoid unnecessary issues.

  1. GRADUATION. There is no graduation but there will be an announcement for the 2 teams selected to represent Florida Wing. A certificate will be provided to each team that participates regardless of selection status.

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