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FLWG Cadet Competition

Cadet Competition

Patrick Space Force Base
23-25 FEB 2024

Competition Director:  Maj Ann Marie Kozloski




Florida Wing (FLWG) will conduct the color guard competition, on Feb 23 - 25 at Patrick Space Force Base, to provide 2 selected teams for the region and national competitions.


The mission of the Florida Wing Cadet Competition is to provide a well-rounded experience where cadets of all grades and experience can showcase their skills. They will be evaluated through closed-book testing, physical fitness, element drill, uniform inspection, uniform preparation, standard drill, and outdoor and indoor posting.


 All potential teams and escorts must register through the FLWG web page by February 6th, 2023, NLT 11:59 pm.  


 The Activity Director will be Major Ann Marie Kozloski (annmarie.kozloski@flwg.cap.gov).   Staff members will be needed to support the competition in areas such as judges, test proctors, timekeepers, recorders, photographers, and other duties.  Cadet staff will be administrative only, with no judging positions.  Please state in your e-mail if you have a preference.      


Any squadron (max of 6 cadets and two senior members) may register a team. The senior member in charge will collect and bring all required forms. The senior in charge will register via the wing web page to apply.

Team Applications

  • Register via the Registration Zone in eservices no later than February 6th, 2024.

  • Complete a team roster of 6 cadets and 2 Seniors.

  • The roster should include the following:

    • Unit represented

    • Team Members

    • Escorts and Cadets

    • Name

    • Rank

    • CAP ID

    • Date of Birth (escorts and cadets over 18 years)

    • Escorts Drivers’ License Number (escorts & cadets over 18 years).  If DL is not from FL then we will need your SSN.

Prerequisites for Application (all applicants)

All applicants must be current CAP members, possess a current CAP identification card, safety current and compliant, be in good standing with Civil Air Patrol, and have a membership expiration date of April 1, 2023, or later at the time of application.  Any members (cadet or senior) age 18 or over must have Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT) completed and posted it on their e-services record at the time of application submission.  Additionally, the following requirements apply as described below for the type of application being submitted:  

Team Applicants.  Color Guard members must have obtained their first promotion (C/Amn) and strongly desire to learn about color guard. Senior escorts must be at least 21 years of age and active senior members in CAP. A team must have at least five color guard members and 2 senior escorts. A team can be composed of color guard members from up to a maximum of 2 squadrons if there is not enough interest within their own squadron.

Application Submission.  Application to the activity will be made through the online application system.  Emailed team applications will not be accepted.  Forms will not be uploaded but hand-carried.  The team leader must know all the required information to submit the team registration. (see above list)

Events - The judging will be on the events following the CAPP 60-75 October 2021 version.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Practical

  • Standard and Element Drill Event - we will use the National Cadet Competition CAPP 60-75, dated October 2021.  Must use commands located in CAPP 60-75.

  • Written Exam: 70 questions (32 Leadership 4 from each achievement 1- 8, 27 AE 4 from each dimensions module 1-7, 5 drills from CAPP 60-33, 5 current AE events)

  • Uniform Inspection (individual): 2 cadets' names will be randomly chosen for the inspection

  • Uniform Inspection (prep): 2 cadets' names will be randomly chosen to prepare a full uniform for inspection (not to be worn)

  • Physical Fitness:  Each team member will complete the mile run, and two cadets from each team will be chosen to compete in the pushups, curl-ups, and sit and reach CPFT in accordance with CAP regulations.  The cadet team captain may choose the cadets.  All cadets must compete in at least one of the three events.  If a cadet is in a restricted category, the appropriate documentation is required, and the rules pertaining to a five-person team will apply.

  • Non-Core event – Extemporaneous and Impromptu speeches.  The judges will randomly select the impromptu speech givers from one of the 6 team members. 

Activity Fee

There is NO Activity fee for the event this year.  However teams are responsible for your own lodging and meals.h.  

Suspense Dates / Deadlines.

  • February 6th, 2024 – Team registration ends


During the event, everyone is expected to perform as a professional and perform in such a way as to bring credit to oneself and the Civil Air Patrol. The Cadet Protection Policy will be strictly enforced by senior members. The appearance of impropriety is justification for dismissal by the Director. Any member disrupting the activity will be counseled and may be dismissed by the Director. Members dismissed from the activity will not be allowed to participate in this year’s succession of events at Wing, Region, and National.


Team members must present themselves in the proper color guard equipment for each event according to the National Cadet Competition Program Guide dated October 2021. The UOD is a short-sleeve blue uniform, open collar, short stacked or full ribbons (all members must be the same), and appropriate color guard accessories for each event. Testing and PT events will be in team or tan t-shirts and black mid-thigh length shorts.  Cadets in very short shorts will be required to change or cover them.


Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP and is provided “as available.”  Privately owned vehicles travel to or from such activity is performed strictly at the member’s risk (reference CAPR 77-1. Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided.  Teams are encouraged to use a CAP van.


Review the Cadet Competition pamphlet on the National website (be sure it is the current one dated October 2021).    


It is recommended that each team use their color guard equipment (4 white pistol belts, 2 white flag slings, 6 pairs of white gloves, 2 inoperable rifles, the US Flag on guidon staff, the Squadron Flag on guidon staff.  The flag for outdoor posting and flag folding will be provided.


Teams are responsible for their own reservations and payments.  Be sure to inform the reservationists that you are in Civil Air Patrol.  It is strongly recommended that reservations be made before February 6th.  There is one hotel recommended.  Last year two teams decided to rent a home using Air B&B or other type of service.  That worked well for them and is a good option.  Ensure you are following CPPT.

Candlewood Suites Melbourne/Viera
Best rate $213 per night



Most events will take place at/or near the Education Center on Patrick Space Force Base.  A detailed map will be provided at sign in will locations highlighted.


  • Friday:

    • No Meals will be provided.

  • Saturday:

    • Breakfast will be available at the base dining facility or your hotel - not included.

    • Lunch will be available at the base dining facility - not included.

    • Dinner will be available at the base dining facility - not included.

  •  Sunday:

    • Breakfast will be available at the base dining facility or your hotel - not included.

    • Lunch will be available at the base dining facility - not included.


There is no graduation but there will be an awards ceremony.  Dismissal time should be approximately 1300.


One team escort and the cadet team captain and all staff will check in between 1900 hrs. and 2100 hrs. on Friday Feb. 2 at the Candlewood Hotel Lobby.

Staff members checking in must have a CAP Membership Card and all required forms.

Team escorts must have all their team forms.  


Forward all questions or comments to the Activity Director, Maj Kozloski at  annmarie.kozloski@flwg.cap.gov

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