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FLWG Selection Boards

Submissions have closed, please pay attention to your emails if you submitted a package to the link to the virtual boards.


Before submitting your packet, carefully read the pamphlet(s) and be sure to follow all the instructions completely.  Part of your packet score will be based on it.

Cadet of the Year


Cadet of the Year board will be on Jan 21st starting at 8 am

The outstanding Cadet of the Year is an annual award established to recognize the most outstanding cadet in CAP. To be considered, a cadet needs to be in good standing both in CAP and academically in school, progressing admirably in the CAP cadet program, has demonstrated outstanding achievement in community service and the cadet program (aerospace and leadership). The cadet must also be of high moral character, demonstrate a high level of professionalism in appearance, action, and patriotism, actively participating in local squadron meetings and wing events, and demonstrate growth potential (assumes higher levels of responsibility). 

The Florida Wing will recognize one outstanding cadet from each phase (I – IV). A cadet is nominated from cadets within each squadron of the wing. Unit commanders of a cadet or deputy commander of cadets from a composite squadron are limited to one nomination, per phase, from their unit for the wing selection.

Only the phase IV cadet will be sent to compete at the Region level for the National Cadet of the Year nomination. 

For more information, please go to the right of the page under "RELATED DOCUMENTS" and download FLWGP 60-60 for more information about Cadet of the Year.

National Cadet Special Activities (Green Lights)


Green lights board will be on Jan 14, 2023, starting at 8 am

Cadets apply to individual Special Activities via e-Services; this is NOT the process for applying to an activity. This selection process is for the “highly recommended” status or green light. Receiving a green light adds 100 points to your total slotting score. The points slotting scores can be found in the FAQ on the NCSA website. 

For more information, please go to the right of the page under "RELATED DOCUMENTS" for more National Cadet Special Activities (Green Lights) FLWGP 60-61 information.

Legislative Day Selection Process


Legislative day board will be Feb 11, 2023, starting at 8 am

Legislative Day provides cadets an opportunity to educate elected representatives at the national level about all that CAP does for the nation. The day involves meeting with members of Congress and telling them the CAP story. Cadets will travel to Washington, DC, for typically three days. Four cadets will be chosen for this opportunity.

For more information, please go to the right of the page under "RELATED DOCUMENTS" for more Legislative Day Selection Process FLWGP 60-61 information.

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