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Legislative Day

 Florida Wing members with Brigadier General Regina Aye




Legislative Day provides cadets an opportunity to educate elected representatives at the national level about all that CAP does for the nation. The day involves meeting with members of Congress and educate them on the benefits of CAP and what the program has meant to you.  All of the accommodations are paid for and the cadets only expense is food and souvenirs.  Cadets will travel to Washington DC for typically three days. We will be selecting 4 male and 4 female cadets to go on this trip. 


Minimum Eligibility

For Legislative day you must be at least 16 years old, have the Mitchell achievement or higher, and be a member in good standing.


Suspense dates

06 Nov 2023 Applications Open

27 Nov 2023 Applications Close

09 Dec 2023 Virtual Boards

10 Dec 2023 Overflow Virtual Boards (If needed)

27 Feb 2024 - 02 Mar 2024 Legislative Day


Application Process

a. Each cadet will fill out the CAPF 60-84 entirely. If an entry does not pertain to the cadet i.e., “Date Earhart Award Issued” it will be filled with N/A. If there is no information to provide for a section i.e., “National CAP Activities” it will be filled with N/A.
b. The application package will be scanned into PDF format with file sizes limited to 3MB for each attachment and named correctly for what the file contains. For example, if Cadet Smith with CAP ID 123456 submitted their forms

i. CAPF 60-84 Smith 123456

ii. Transcripts Smith 123456

iii. Letter of recommendation 1 Smith 123456

c. Each attachment will be uploaded to the Wing web page by the deadline listed. No late submissions will be accepted no exceptions.


Application Packet contents

a. Each cadet will have the same requirements for the application package, however, younger cadets may not have all the items due to their grade level in school. If that is the case, it will not be counted against them. Nevertheless, a file must be submitted for that item stating the reason it is not included. The following items are required for the application package:

  1. CAPF 60-84

  2. Transcript of high school credits (or middle school report card)

  3. Transcript of college credits (if applicable)

  4. College entrance achievement test scores (SAT or CAT)

  5. Recent photos in class B blues uniform (see below for more details)

  6. Letters of recommendation (maximum of three)

b. There will be seven photos in total required with different views. The below are an example of the required views only and are not necessarily considered examples for the inspection criteria. The uniform is class B only, with ribbons and without a tie. The flight cap will be worn. No extra points will be given for ties or class As and may be subtracted for not following directions. A clean white or light-colored background is preferred. See FLWGP 60-61 for example photos.

Wing Recognition

The four cadets chosen for the legislative day trip will receive a personal email with their unit commander copied and will also be announced via a wing-wide email and on the wing’s Facebook page.

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