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MacDill AirFest

MacDill AirFest

MacDill Air Force Base
 25 - 27 March 2022
Commander:  Capt Christopher Krier

Registration Has Closed


MacDill AFB has invited CAP to participate and assist with the AirFest 2022 airshow. The show is open to the public and includes an extensive ground display, vendors and an air show featuring the Navy’s Blue Angels demonstration team. The dates of the air show are 26 and 27 March 2022.
A brief description of the event follows to give the minimum information needed for registration. Please read the operations order for all details.


  • Support the USAF in static displays, communications, first aid and safety.

  • Develop teamwork throughout FLWG and USAF.

  • Provide a positive training environment for cadets that reinforce the core values of Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force, in order to further develop the cadets’ leadership and followership skills while performing community service, and providing a first-hand experience in supporting the military at the airshow.

  • Promote aerospace education through interactive tours of USAF aircraft and exhibits.

  • Expose the cadets to elements of the incident command system through mentoring with command and general senior staff.

  • Further awareness of CAP in the community by staffing a recruitment booth and visibility at the airshow.

  • Have fun


All Members

  • Current CAP member with CAP ID card

  • CPPT Training, if age 18 or over

  • Meet grooming and weight standards for uniforms

Cadet Staff

  • ICUT certification

Senior Members

  • Level 1, with the new CPPT module

  • ICUT certification


  • Cost per participant is $35, to be paid online at registration

  • The fee covers cost of meals and supplies

  • Fees will not be refunded to no-shows



  • Download and complete the CAPF 161 (Emergency Information).

  • Cadets will also download and complete the CAPF 60-81 (Application for Special Activity) with parent and squadron commander signatures

  • Senior members will also download and complete the CAPF 17 (Application for Senior Member Activities)

  • Complete the online registration, form upload, and payment at the link in the menu. All members age 16 and older must provide driver license information. This will be used to add members to the MacDill Entry Access List.

  • Those wishing to serve on cadet staff must email Capt Chris Krier at christopher.krier@flwg.cap.gov

  • Link to registration: CLOSED


All CAP members must meet the grooming and weight standards prescribed for AF-style uniforms in Attachment 2 of CAPM 39-1. Standards for wear of AF-style uniform will be strictly enforced. Senior Members who do not meet the standards of wear for an Air Force style uniform for reasons of grooming or weight standards, may wear the CAP field uniform (blue BDU). 


STAFF MEMBERS (Cadet and Senior) will arrive on base at the MacDill camp site no later than 1400 on Friday, 25 March for in-processing. Destination location on MacDill AFB is the baseball field (subject to change) located near the Recreation Facility.

NON-STAFF MEMBERS (Attendees) will arrive no earlier than 1600 but no later than 2000 on Friday, 25 March for pre-registration and uniform/grooming inspection at the central designated pick-up/drop-off staging area; the Target Store parking lot at 3625 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33611.

Once processed through pre-inspection, Cadets will be transported to MacDill AFB to the camp location for in-processing. 

NOTE: Senior members and Cadets will NOT be allowed to proceed to participate in this activity unless they meet the proper uniform and grooming standards as prescribed in CAPM 39-1. 



Target shopping center parking lot Northwest corner of Gandy Blvd and Dale Mabry, 3625 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33611


Out-processing and dismissal from the activity will be between 1800 and 1900 on Sunday, 27 March. Cadets will be transported to the designated pick-up/drop-off location; the Target Store parking lot at 3625 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33611 NOTE: This is a weekend activity. All participants should arrange to arrive and depart on the dates and times noted above. Any exceptions to this must be cleared with the Project Officer and Cadet Commander. 

Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP.  Privately owned vehicles travel to or from such activity is performed strictly at the member’s own risk (reference CAPR 77-1, para 6c and CAPR 52-16, para 8-10) and is not under CAP direction and control. Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided. Cadets will not operate motor vehicles (including golf carts) at the activity.

Access to MacDill AFB: CAP members who are participating in this activity who are licensed drivers and/or 16 years of age or older, must provide their Full name (Last, First, M.I.) and driver’s license number. The Driver’s License # will only be on base paperwork sent to base Security. Once the event is underway, access to the work site will be extremely limited, expect long delays. 

Privately owned or corporate vehicles will be allowed on base as long as the driver and ALL occupants are on the base access list, to enter MacDill AFB. Prior, prompt and complete registration is required. (You will be turned away if not on the list. LATE ADDITIONS TO THE LIST WILL NOT BE MADE)

Transportation during the activity is provided by CAP on MacDill AFB. There is no requirement to exit or leave MacDill during the activity. All activities are confined to the base. 

All meals will be provided during the activity (light meal on Friday, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday, breakfast/lunch on Sunday).

For questions about the activity contact Capt Christopher Krier at christopher.krier@flwg.cap.gov

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