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SER Regional Cadet Leadership School


SER Regional Cadet Leadership School

Tri-State Christian Camp

100 Christian Camp Road, DeFuniak Springs, FL, 32433

31 Jul to 6 Aug 2022
Academy Director:  Lt. Col. Thomas Trammell




Florida Wing is hosting a Southeast Region Cadet Leadership School from 31 Jul to 6 Aug 2022 at the Tri-State Christian Camp (TSCC) in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.  The Region Cadet Leadership School is a week-long activity for Cadet Officers and Senior NCOs that expands and builds upon leadership skills already familiar to experienced cadets. 

The goal is to impart both academic knowledge and tools for practical application which will make participants more effective both in CAP and in life.  The RCLS program has been expanded to a full week so that the curriculum more closely parallels that found at the National Cadet officer School. Attendance at a RCLS is a requirement for the Eaker Award.  


To be eligible to attend RCLS the cadet should be an officer or an NCO at or above the grade of Master Sergeant, and have completed a basic encampment.  Seniors participating as staff should have extensive experience with the cadet program.  Cadets who have completed the national Cadet Officer School or who have earned the Spaatz award may also apply for staff.


Fee Schedule

All participants will have a fee of $280

Payment Methods

In accordance with FLWGP 200-2, Florida Wing Financial Management Procedures, payments shall only be made online via EventBrite or Wing Banker transfer. EventBrite is the preferred method. If you're registering as a student, payment will be part of the registration process. If you're applying for a staff position, do not pay until you've been confirmed as staff.

Refund Policy

All refunds must be requested through and approved by the Activity Director. 

Failure to Pay

Any member failing to provide fee payment by the deadline may forfeit their activity slot. Extensions to the payment deadline may be granted by the Activity Director for extenuating circumstances. 


Fill out every single field of the online application. Failure to fill everything out will cause your application to not be accepted. Have your scanned and completed documents ready prior to doing the online application. Remember that you will receive a registration confirmation from Florida Wing in addition to an EventBrite receipt. You must have both to be considered fully registered.

Cadet Student Registration and Payment



Cadet Staff Application

Cadets applying for staff must apply under this category. Please send a cover letter and resume in your email to activity director. Do NOT submit the activity fee payment until notified of staff selection.


Senior Member Staff Application

Senior Members applying for staff must apply under this category. Please send a cover letter and resume in your email to activity director. Do NOT submit the activity fee payment until notified of staff selection.


Staff Payment (Cadet and Senior Member)

For use only by those who have been contacted and confirmed for a staff position.



10 JULY 2022 - All Staff Applications are due.

10 JULY 2022 - All Cadet applications are due.

15 JULY 2022 - All Payments are due.

17 JULY 2022 - Refund date deadline..


Transportation to and from the activity is not the responsibility of CAP.

Airport Shuttle

There will not be any airport shuttle. The RCLS does not have the resources to arrange transportation to and from airports.  However, as many attendees will be driving from the South and Central Florida, it is reasonable to expect that rides might be arranged on an individual basis for participants arriving at the Tallahassee International Airport. Members intending to arrive by air should contact the activity director.   

Corporate Vehicles

Senior members are encouraged to bring a CAP van to encampment. Vans shall be turned into the encampment transportation officer upon arrival, and shall arrive with a full tank of fuel.

Vans will be returned to the driver on the night prior to departure with a full tank of fuel. Fuel costs for travel to and from encampment will not be reimbursed.

Privately-Owned Vehicles

Cadets who drive to encampment must turn in their vehicle keys upon arrival. Carpooling is encouraged, but coordination is the responsibility of the individual.


Cadet and Senior Member staff shall arrive between 1800 and 2200 Eastern time on Sunday, 31 JUL 2022.  for in-processing at the TSCC. Students shall arrive before 1100 on 01 Aug 2022.

Students arriving the evening of 31 July will pay an additional $22.00 for TSCC accommodations. Early or late arrivals must be coordinated with the Activity Director.


Visitors require prior approval of the Activity Director. 


The graduation ceremony will commence at 1100 Eastern time on 6 AUG 2022 at TSCC. Students will be dismissed after the graduation. Staff should plan their departure from the TSCC shortly thereafter.


For general questions regarding registration, payments, logistics, etc., please use the form to the right. For more complicated questions please email cpforms@flwgcap.us, be sure to include your contact information and CAPID. 

Staff Applicants may direct questions to Lt Col. Tom Trammell (thomas.trammell@flwgcap.us).


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