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2022 FLWG Cyber Academy

Date: 24 JUL 2022 to 30 JUL 2022

Commander: Capt Thomas McMahon


Florida Wing (FLWG) will conduct a Cyber Academy at Saint Lucie County Operations Center, 15305 W. Midway Rd. Fort Pierce, Florida from 24 JUL 2022 to 30 JUL 2022 for Cadre and staff. This operations order provides basic details of this activity that are applicable to cadets, seniors, and parents of cadets planning to attend the Cyber Academy.


The mission of Florida Wing Cyber Academy is to provide cadets a positive training environment that reinforces the core values of the Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force
through consistency and adherence to the standards of the Cadet Program. The academy will focus on providing cadets with a better knowledge of Windows and Linux operating
Systems, NETCAD, networking, cyber security defense techniques, and leadership. We will also explore the different career opportunities and the future demand in the cyber fields. The course consist of learning through classroom instruction and practical application. There will also be a mix of outdoor activities.


For the purpose of the Cyber Academy application, there are three types of participant applications: cadet applications, cadet staff applications and senior staff applications.


To attend this activity, all applicants must be current CAP members, in possession of a current CAP identification card, in good standing with Civil Air Patrol and have a membership expiration date of 31 JUL 2022 or later reflected on their identification card. These additional requirements must also be met based on the application type:

Cadet Applicants.

The class has 20 available seats. The class is designed as a fundamentals course for cadets learning the basics of Cyber Defense. All cadet students must have completed an encampment prior to arrival. Due to the limited class size, the class will be filled on a first come first serve basis and will close when all seats are filled.

Prior to application submission, cadet staff applicants must have earned the Wright Brothers Award and have the award reflected in e-services. Cadets 18 and over must complete Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT) prior to application submission. Additionally, cadet staff are required to complete the online Operational Risk Management (ORM) Basic and Intermediate Courses available through "CAP Safety Education" in CAP NHQ e-Services. Basic & Intermediate ORM Courses must be complete prior to submitting an application.

Senior Staff Applicants.

All seniors must have completed Level 1. Additionally, senior staff are required to complete the online Operational Risk Management (ORM) Basic and Intermediate Courses available through "CAP Safety Education" in CAP NHQ e-services. Basic & Intermediate ORM Courses must be complete prior to submitting an application. Seniors shall have their CAP/FLWG driver’s license prior to application submission. The Activity Director or designee will assist seniors in obtaining their CAP DL as needed or requested.

Seniors unable to obtain a CAP DL should include “UNABLE CAP DL” in their applications; explanations may be provided at the member’s discretion but are not required. Seniors without a CAP DL must notify the encampment deputy commander that they are unable to obtain the license. Experience in cadet programs is desired however, not required. All senior staff shall complete Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) prior to encampment. All senior staff shall complete the basic and advanced CPPT prior to encampment.

Cyber Academy Financial Policy & Fees.

The Academy financial planning is based on a zero balance finish. This means each activity budget is built around the projected number of attendees and all costs are incorporated into the budget. The result is the lowest cost to the member attending by spreading the cost equally among all attendees.
Cyber Academy Fee schedule:

  • Cadet Cadre and Senior members registration is $50.00

  • Cadet students: Registration may close sooner if filled prior to these dates.

  • Regular Registration is $95.00 01 MAY 2022 to 15 JUN 2022

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program. At this time the Air Force does not provide financial assistance to Cyber Academy cadets to help cover application fees, uniforms,
transportation and other costs for economically disadvantaged cadets.

Payment Method. In accordance with FLWGP 200-2, Florida Wing Financial Management Procedures, “Checks are not accepted for wing hosted activities. A wing bank transfer is
the preferred method of payment. However, if paying by money order (cash not accepted) the name and CAP ID of the member whose fee is being paid for MUST be written on it. The money order must also state “2022 Cyber Academy payment”. If it is not, the money order will not be accepted and returned to the sender.

Money orders will be sent to Florida Wing Headquarters at the following address:

Florida Wing Civil Air Patrol

Attn: Amy Andrickson
4040 Crossfield Way, Suite 6
Lakeland, Florida 33811

Wing bank transfer instructions:

Make payment to your squadron Finance Officer. Your squadron Finance officer will transfer the funds to the FLWG Finance Officer. Email a copy of the transfer form to the Cyber Academy Director for their records.

Refund Policy.

All refunds must be requested via the refund request form on the Cadet Programs website. Refunds requested prior to the refund request deadline will be honored in full. Any request for refund after this date will be processed within 30 days following the conclusion of the Academy and is based upon the final activity costs. Refunds will be given on a first come first served basis determined from date of the online refund request form (again, requests received prior to the refund request deadline will be honored). Because of the commitment of funds, the cause of refund request will not affect the processing order (i.e. illness, lack of transportation, etc.). Regardless of source of payment (member, unit, scholarship, grant, etc.) the refund policy for this Academy remains the same.

Failure to Pay.

Any member failing to provide fee payment by the deadline may forfeit their Academy slot. The Activity Director for extenuating circumstances may grant extensions to the payment deadline. These requests must be sent directly to the Director for approval. Any member with outstanding fees will be prohibited from attending any other wing, region, or national activity until payment is made. Additionally, administrative action may be taken against the member.


All CAP members must meet the grooming and weight standards prescribed for AF-style uniforms in Attachment 2 of CAPM 39-1. Standards for wear of AF-style uniform will be strictly enforced.

ABU's (or Corporate Field/Working Uniform for seniors)


Visitors are not authorized during this activity. Family, friends, and fellow CAP members are invited to the graduation ceremony at 1300 on 30 JUL 2022.


The graduation ceremony will commence at 1300 on 30 JUL 2022 at the Indian River State College. All cadets and staff will be dismissed from Cyber Academy after graduation at
the College. The address and building location will be provided prior to graduation.


For questions about this activity contact Capt Thomas McMahon

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