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Florida Wing Headquarters is one of fifty-two wings in the Civil Air Patrol. Each wing is geographically defined by state lines, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. The Florida Wing reports to the Southeast Region, one of six regions, as part of the command structure. Subordinate units are divided into nine groups throughout Florida, and further divided into squadrons and flights.


The Florida Wing is commanded by Col Dave Panzera who holds the title of Wing Commander.  Under the direction of the Wing Commander, nine Group Commanders manage and direct their members by overseeing the operations to meet community needs.  The nine groups are divided amongst county lines.

Each group is further subdivided into squadrons and flights.  Members at the squadron level are the lifeblood of the organization providing the tactical roles to meet Civil Air Patrol's Congressionally mandated missions.

General Information
HeadquartersCapture 1a.PNG
Location:  Lakeland Linder Airport

Mailing Address:
Florida Wing CAP Headquarters 
4040 Crossfield Way, Suite 6
Lakeland, FL 33811

FLWG HQ:                                    (863) 644-0172
Alternate phone:                       (863) 644-6307
Fax Number:                               (863) 644-0180



Media Contact
Maj Sybrian Castleman
FLWG Director of Public Affairs
Email address:      sybrian.castleman@flwg.cap.gov

Phone:                   (813) 434-3112

Headquarters Organizational Chart
Command Timeline

Headquarters - https://flwg.cap.gov

Area:                              65,755 Square Miles
Coastline:                      1,350 Miles
Geography:  From woodland environment with moderate hills in the north to Subtropical and marsh areas in the south.

Personnel and Resources
Personnel:                     3600+
Aircraft (Powered)         22
Aircraft (Glider)             1
Vehicles                         33  
Units:                             70+

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