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The Finance Directorate operates as chief comptroller for the wing. Reporting directly to the wing commander, the Finance Directorate engages in daily accounting practices to balance the books.

Command And Finance Officer Duties And Responsibilities:

Responsible for the overall financial management of the unit. They shall:

  • Administer all funds.

  • Maintain all financial records.

  • Maintain bank accounts.

  • Pay all outstanding accounts.

  • Endorse all negotiable instruments.

  • Prepare all financial reports.

  • Prepare annual budget.

The finance officer should be familiar with CAP regulations in the 173 series and CAPP 202.

Source:  CAPR 173-1, Financial Procedures and Accounting

Unit Finance Officer:

Each unit below wing level will assign a finance officer. New unit commanders must appoint a finance officer in writing within 30 days of assuming command and provide this information in writing to the wing director of finance. The unit finance officer may not be a paid employee. Further, the unit commander may not serve as the unit finance officer. A paid employee may perform bookkeeping duties under the supervision of the unit finance officer. The unit finance officer will reconcile the unit’s accounts with the report provided by the wing director of finance at least once per quarter.

Monthly Finance Reminder - DECEMBER


  • FLWG is seeing more and more unclaimed deposits. When any member of your unit (incl. AMO) makes a deposit at SunTrust Bank you must send Amy a FLWG Form 204 with the account numbers indicated. You must also send a copy of the deposit receipt with the unit charter number written on it. Without these documents your unit will not be credited for the deposit..

  • Review the listing of unclaimed deposits included with the monthly cash reports, and see if any of the amounts match one of your deposits over the last year. If so just send a Form 204 to FLWG/HQ to claim your deposit.

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