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new Branding Guide and Branding Portal

CAP , 3 September 2021


Greetings from Public Affairs!

This was submitted to go out to all FLWG members last month, but it appears to have not been forwarded through the Outlook or Ready Op systems by the administrators. Please share with your squadron commanders and members. 

Two important items for all members -

​First item:

National released a new Branding Guide and Branding Portal earlier this month. This is where they will post updates to any branding items. There are many useful resources available in this portal for squadrons and their members with downloadable templates and graphics.

The prescribed use for each type of logo is easy to find in the portal, so you know the appropriate logo to use for any situation.

​You can access the portal at this link: https://company-214080.frontify.com/d/crhrf1Aw1Ci9/brand-guide#/introduction/welcome

Included in the new branding guidelines, NHQ updated the email signature line. If you are still using the blue block, please change it.

​Within the Branding Portal, there is a signature line tool. Direct link: https://company-214080.frontify.com/d/crhrf1Aw1Ci9/brand-guide#/resources-tools/email-signature

To transfer the logo image into Outlook, you will need to download the image (at the bottom of the page) and insert it into the correct place in the signature line. (Please be sure you are primarily using the Outlook mail system. The Gmail system will not be used in the near future once large group email issues are resolved.)

Second item:

If you haven’t already heard, CAPR 39-1 was updated earlier this month. Please be sure to double check uniforms before taking photos or shooting video for publication of any type.

The changes are listed here: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/ICL_2101_to_R_391_6664936121586.pdf

You can access the full regulation here: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/R_391_with_ICL_2101_Incorporated_5660EEB90E0DB.pdf






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